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Dinare Trading Enterprise was founded in 2009.

PKN Office Park

62 Taaifontein St, Pretoria, 0182

Open Monday-Friday

08:00am - 17:00pm


Dinare intends to be well known in the construction sector, education, banking and corporate sector. Our well capable team is always at hand to develop a unique business style and ethic that will attract reputable and active clients to whom we supply on contract order.


What we Do

• Provide and maintain a safe work environment for all employees •
• Abide by all statutory requirements and relevant codes of practice as the minimum security standard •
• Ensure that all employees are provided with adequate instructions for safe working procedures, and will inform them of any hazard to their health and safety •
• Ensure to minimise hazards within the work place in order to prevent accidents from occurring •
• Promote and develop safety awareness throughout the Company •